The Braque du Bourbonnais is a stocky, compact and muscular Braque of medium size. He gives an impression of robust and strong stature. The female has a slimmer and more elegant silhouette. Some dogs are born without a tail or with a naturally short tail.


The head is pear-shaped, rounded in all directions, with rounded sides, well developed parietal bones and zygomatic arches. The pear-shaped head is typical of the breed. The axes of the skull and the bridge of the nose are parallel or slightly divergent. The head is neither too light nor too heavy and is in proportion to the body. The eyes are large, rather rounded, hazel or dark amber, matching the color of the fur. The medium length hanging ears are set on level with the eye line or just above it.


The fur is fine, dense and short. It is finest on the head and ears, somewhat coarser on the back and sometimes a little longer. The white variegation is very conspicuous, finely speckled with brown (so-called "lie de vin" fur or "lilas passé" fur) or speckled with dun in all varieties (so-called "peach blossom" fur). White and colored hairs may be intermingled in a rusty brown pattern. The ear usually carries the base color. The color patches must not be too large and have a small extension: On the body, they must not be larger than the palm of the hand and never include both eyes at the same time on the face.


Regarding his character, he is described as gentle and loving, but also passionate and intelligent.
His uses are varied: family, hunting, bloog trakcing, human searching, drug tracking, truffle hunting, agility, canicross.